Tension Eaze - A 100% natural oral liquid that soothes over-excited horses, relieves body cramps, reduces muscle tension, calms nerves without dulling, enhances focus and attention. 
12 oz. bottle

Joint Formula - A paint-on treatment for joint maintenance and relief from bowed tendons, arthritis, navicular, inflammation, swelling, injuries and ring bone.
16 oz. bottle

Stress Line 2000 - Topical spray for use on muscle spasms, tendons, ligaments, sprains, cuts, wounds, bruised feet, sore heels, abscesses, thrush, rash, burns and scrapes.
32 oz. spray bottle
​ $25.00

Breathe Eaze -
 Gel used externally on the sinuses to improve breathing, open nasal passages, remove mucous, treats allergies and colds, reduces fatigue, speeds up recovery time after performances, and helps control nasal bleeding.
  8 oz. jar (approximately 25 applications)
​ $55.00

Stress Line Equine Products

Savannah is a Distributor of Stress Line Equine Products Developed by Butch Mayhugh

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